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On the metaphysical puzzle

For a few minutes, I try to understand what is metaphysics, and no doubt about this idea. Because it was something about metaphysics is not strange to me. Not too long time no contact, there is not much left.
Now mind already. When I really in the web search after the original I. Understanding of metaphysics is very little for a little bit,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, even a little is also ambiguous. So hard eyes to study for a while, know metaphysical materialism and dialectical materialism what it's about, let me not so confused, but as to why the book that I do refer to metaphysics,2007 love color coating choose regression theme - whim blog, and then the words in the article to play what role did not understand, it is philosophy? Let a person do not understand knowledge, can be attributed to the philosophy? So far, so I don't know anything, only two respects, one is mathematics, a a philosophy for me, of course, mathematics philosophy defeat.
Words can't be around too far, I would like to say I find the basic information to see not, who gave me some advice, veryA very difficult thing really don't want to see down below is what I find a bit easier to understand explanation, if who have new closer to the lower level of IQ content may wish to offer, so I have more knowledge of European languages in &quot " metaphysics; comes from the Greek language,Jeremy Scott Adidas, such as English " metaphysics".
This word is the ancient Greek island of Rhodes philosophy teacher Ande Ronnie Kirby gave Aristotle a book from the name, mean &quot " physics; metaphysics. Also called " the first philosophy, such as the "" Cartesian meditations on first philosophy" (Meditations on First Philosophy) also known as the "metaphysical meditation".
Aristotle put the human knowledge is divided into three parts, with the tree as a metaphor: the first part, the most basic part, also is the root, is the metaphysics, it is the foundation of all knowledge; the second part is the physics, such as the trunk; the third part is the other natural sciences, with branches to metaphor Chinese translation of metaphysics.
" " from the "Ching" in " metaphysical the Dao,,A female master of the civil service examination course, probe of " the phrase. Use simple language to describe is: one isUsing isolated, static, unilateral, surface point of view to look at things.
Two refers to the study of single intuition (super experience) to judge things philosophy. Sometimes refers to studies of philosophical ontology. Since the modern times,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,Tibet travel five one open, with the scientific rationality in the humanities field of strong extension, traditional metaphysics suffered hitherto unknown attack.
However, from the development history of metaphysics, there exist three types of Metaphysics: universe ontology, domain ontology and the significance of ontology. Scientific rational rejection is mainly based on speculative fictional universe ontology.
In post-metaphysical era, on the meaning of ontology, metaphysics has not ended, will not come to an end. Only the form, not the essence of metaphysics, this is "Ching" found text: " metaphysical the Dao, probe of ", rejoicing.
Dim feel,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, metaphysical comparison of virtual and real, comparison, metaphysical and metaphysics are different: the metaphysical refers to thinking and macro belongs to the empty category; metaphysics refers to the understanding of things go to the extreme, is rigid.

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