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Shen Zufen poetry appreciation

Shen Zufen Cheng Qianfan Shen Yuan poetry appreciation eponym Fen ,the word son of odorous ,other department purple man ,pen name Jiang Yan ,sea salt ,since the world Xi Ju Suzhou ,because the home Yan .
Was born in January 29, 1909 in big stone lane house .1934 graduated from the Nanjing Centre CollegeChinese Department ,in 1936 graduated from the University of ancient Chinese literature search class.
In September 1, 1937 and the remainder(by :Cheng Qianfan ) be married in Tunxi. 1942 in metermain Jinling University Professor ,calendar ,West China University ,Jiangsu Teachers College ,Wuhan University at ,down thirty years, achievement is very numerous.
1976toJune 27th the following year, Sue ,to meet every accident ,died in Wuchang ,over months, was buried in the cemetery of Shimen peak .The book has a microwave speech, Shejiang word release ,Shejiang poems ,appreciation ,the Chinese seven-character style poem poetry ,poetry of this election where six .
And short stories ,poetry ,prose ,with the scattered newspapers do not pick up ,and Baishushi .( Cheng Qianfan ) in Huan Xisha annual down Tour wins ,the land remains excluded Yin eyes.
The drum wall acoustic Reeth leisurely . March Ying Hua who odes ?The day only stairs .The floc is spring anxious .Mr. Wang said: the second best way ,then nearly less travelled .
Note :This article is the spring of 1932 ,the last sentence on Yu Kou into force ,go deep .The world service of the Miao ,or was nicknamed Shen sun ,cover previous Wang Tonghua ,Cui leaves than also is known by .
Progenitor Fen by Mr. Wang ,was the power composing ,the compilation of the frontispiece column ,the origins institute since . for his song .Yan Jiangnan far ,on apricot yard, many memories .
See again, but lost the old nest of mud ,is hard to find. A truss sparsely curtain isolation ,Qing who asked ,the message ?To draw beam ,not permitted to amphibious ,air can last met .
Today .The lanes .Miss Wang Xie airflow ,has a past. Then Fangfei .Besides warbler guess butterfly jealousy ,poor spring. Liu tobacco outside creamy . By lines ,such as new worry .
More ancient ,fly as far as Hongying ,wind is urgent .Then ,Mr. Wang said: Pitt without the light, Yutian no heavy and thick . music jade tube chilling cold dew wind plate moving ,sweep leaves ,branches still sigh habitat to .
To concentrated anxious whisper, also pharyngeal remnant sound ,feeling now .And love Ke ,shame ,only to find the crown ,the Jackdaw .Rising sun ,but makeup mirror Cheng, who was either a light ?Thought ,through Gujiaqiaomu ,several degrees of frost but pity ,now only hold sense of sorrow.
When in flower. Ask who ?No sad Yin Chu Ke ,knowing when ,10 thousandweeping willows ,ring A. Jiangcheng. a prelude to water melody set drink Qinhuai tavern ,in Dongshan body Yao seats Zhuchu Xie ,Shuige embroidered curtain oblique .
Sheng Zhou lamp terrace, seat and said the old luxury .Aromatic wine frequency pollution Luan Palmer ,rain come knocking yuan W ,Shen drunk not enter . Looking back at the bridge ,the chord is who the rise and fall of injury ?Feeling ,metabolic ,customers anxious credit .
S dust Hu Ma ,frost wind Fort dynamic sad Jia .Pavilion Pavilion formerly priceless ,Chengque when residual PA ,smoke volume cold sand .And dream night ,can ask backyard flower ? frosted stoutness .
Snow seal grey dial ,at first shutter ,unprovoked .Shadow everywhere .The wind so jackdaw ,astray to crane ,Qionglou news who pass? Baqiao dream residues, longitudinal with a high ,Sue looked at Changan .
At that time ,the green trees cubeba cliff ,gone to recognize the old mountains. Worry asked frozen mark depth ,early ichthyosaurs ,dance ,,Tai Bo Han .Fort barren Cloud City ,officer the coldest month ,should take pity on this night watch .
Wash cup test paper, to wish him ,spring to Mei .Afraid of Ming Dynasty ,MV and carved beams ,million Jiaqing tear suspension . Gaoyang .Visit Mei Xiang building site Ancient Liu Fan, smoke ,barren moss mask stone ,wander heavy that Hongqiao wall Kam beads .
Curtain ,air flow weed Xiao Xiao fireflies flying demons sing after twilight ,like the time ,light person Sheng Xiao . Every year, rain and mud ,swallow nest. Some find Castle Rouge blood ,do a plaintive song jiaorao .
,tears are falling, Cold wave . Beauty round silk fan go where? Ren peach ,Gold River Gao .More sad, snow Hu dust ,is a former .It said: building as the courtesan Li Xiangjun house ,in the south of Nanjing, Qinhuai ,the word is and peach blossom fan .
Gaoyang station rain fabric Qingchou, incense temperature of broken dreams ,ten years on May song .Cold light, before these fear to pipa . High-rise buildings only in the setting sun outside ,to whom ,detained ?But sadly ,at the very Akie ,a man .
Back still Wu Shanbi ,on barren smoke Yuan Garden, ancient moss skein .Trees bleak ,Ming Dynasty know who is at home ?Send a longitudinal phase consider a word ,what feeling ,and that time .
To heavy chase ,Cattle! Is really cow!,former travel ,restaurant cars . d Wuzhi Bodhisattva pretty autumn ,the evil do ,Nanjing shock .Avoid to Tunxi ,and then sail be married at an inn .Printing down first ,let care to home .
The fewer scheduled ,Fu in four ended .Luo in dust soil to a frequency changer, Temple Cloud several degrees to chaos .Where is syndrome ?The smoke Liu oblique .Dangerous quiet water ,drink sorrow each solitary candle in pairs, station court autumn night long .
Incense Pavilion embroidery hung lo with ,in front of mountain for brow .Students for Jiangnan ,cross spring blue Cut Pro Road ,Chino shop have faint dawn .To dream while cold wave ,rotating fluidized Beijing away.
Tian cicada Jinfeng who cleans dust Hong hole sound ?Book septum .Looking back Changan ,twilight mountain complex mountain. Around Phoenix microscope, anxious extremely sad .When he was returning to painting ?On the floor empty heartbroken.
Changan night westerly nearly ,Dai beam Shuangyan habitat difficult firm . Melancholy sunset one curtain hook ,where Chulv ?Creek mountains can be language, and easy living .Treasure it is the people ,in front of a river water .
Said: Xiao Xiqiong ,printed in Sichuan Tang ,Dianjiang ,Jinling university special study on ancient Chinese literature search class graduates, former National Women college and university professor .
Now retired . Resistance to early, Tang printing in Tunxi Anhui middle school ,so it is more than a couple of placement also butterfly love flower . four his first plug delta barren where ?Southern Yan meet, the floating Yu bitter.
Head off future Ping Wu Road ,Pik Wan four .To fight in numerous fish pass letter .Worry worry wind water ,also without fear of credentials .To Tianya injury nightfall ,dusk send drizzly rain .
Rotary hub light ray im ten percent off .By syndrome ,night or missing .Off numerous fragrant spring early break ,westerly bitter leaves . A few Song Shan mountain boasts million fold .
Chui screen furnace ,then should only fleeting drying out .Do ,return can burn some bitter hate heavy fragrance ?Curtain message resistance .Twelve railings ,winding . A few green day fan dust avian frequency message ,the mirror color pistachio is closed again .
After Heqiu twilight .Pillow barrier of smoked furnace ,all Is missing .To dream to go with the moon ,the night wind and rain intermittent high-rise Township heart with the late Xi River fish .
Worry ,blows a thousand feet .Wave angle of a sound language death ,four mountains and no month day such as paint. Midnight cold bullying defeated wall .tears freely, how this Mr Xi ?Knock .
Saliva pot autumn urgently, new words for spectrum ice string Shibuya . eight the immortal first yestreen wave suddenly anxious, hometown Shuangye demit branches Qionglou news until now doubt .
Not every cloud ,empty the vast middle ladder .As light ray track far ,wandering alone later on turned chilly .Crossroads Qianshan anxious .Nightfall ,when there is a smile. A partridge said: the immortal eight poems in the early autumn of 1938 Sichuanshortly after reclassification from Nanjing via Tunxi ,calendar ,Anqing ,Wuhan ,Changsha ,Yiyang reach Chongqing is ,extremely syndrome line parting .
This first wave ,first urgent, leaf Cizhi ,that the Japanese invasion ,people exile. Qionglou three sentence ,predicate front information sever, war is unknown .When couples can be married in Tunxi ,Tang printing of the medium ,the same coach in Anhui secondary school ,both in Tunxi and Nanjing ,also a danger.
Yu trapped doc class duty, to hurriedly .Progenitor Fensui and make first by car to Anqing, and then up the Jiangxi .The first stop ,not pregnant ,so alone ,the Connaught also .
The chaos crossroads closed the river of death Sad ,thrill of blow off out of the building from the septum .Zhu heavy city. Sweater mark old tears ,Liu color short Pavilion . Tomorrow journey possible asked ,Ding Ning pairs with no water .
A station Star Lamp River empty Gu the leaf resentment ,outboard rain invisible .Note said: the first write from Tunxi arrived in Anqing ..Zhu means Nanjing lives .Water station ,Anqing.
After eight acoustic Ganzhou hanging leaf Wan Min called Zhi River for the clouds :&quot ;Feng Ying Jiang curtain note was red ,be mixed army .More pressing City Hu ride ,even camp garrison angle ,to their home .
Chaos meteor stars like rain ,die for the rest of life like a boat .Syndrome night ,wandering with Fu .&quot ;can be reference. The initial outfitting a style ,according to former lights high city water blown with wine waking .
The residual freakish ,dream so green .Han Gao must not leave them ,more worry about tomorrow .Shejiang Lenz is also falling rain and Joseph .Hunan complain ,only to hear a mask of tears .
:this song written by Anqing boat to Wuhan ,turn to Changsha ,Changsha cover and about to rendezvous .Progenitor Fen arrived in Changsha ,first put west dragon Zhifen home ,and complementary to ,and hermit Swan pond sun lights Zhijiang apartments.
High city ,the situation that Wuhan ,yet very complex also .Huafang spring leaf crossing lights ,Qinhuai news hard on the easy rapture .Motherland empty receptacles .Gel disc tear ,since the dark dust .
The consumption of Polygonum fragrance lingers Month ,pain treatment Chiharu .As young complain assembly well . I Fangcao times ,first a princes .Note said: the first written for the Nanjing Bureau of missing timely attention.
To eliminate the two sentence ,Yu long after a long struggle finally win. Li Yishan Hanoi poem :&quot ;introductory dark count one thousand spring ,is willing to to leap year leave month .
Gardenia incense Polygonum propagation and serve the sovereign ,have experienced all hardships with .&quot ;this year the book. Three but at the time of the Kuomintang government gave a progenitor Fen and Jiang Jieshi view that the past as though .
Rather ignored in words ,but if can persist in the war ,have filling in China ,is the past blame the solid can be converted to grace .Not today two sentence with Chu Huainan Hill recruit hermits :&quot ;Wang Sunyou Xi did not return spring ,students ,luxuriant .
&quot ;princes that Jiang. The small Ping Road, again still go waving .Look candle night long .Nest empty swallow ,for the wine without the ermine .The rain sing soul shakedown ,read read .
Peach Blossom Spring River Gao Sao lived .Old anxious not exhaust ,outside to cramps .( Wu Yin Chun, avoid to Yiyang rent ,taste and peach blossom river .) Note :this song is written 1938 springfor Changsha and Yiyang .
When unemployment more than couple ,odd apartments sun ,the room is shorter and narrower ,and a period of time. Leisure time every read the songs of Chu, to express its liberality .Gas .
Future ,progenitor Fen poem send check Jiang cloud :&quot ;Yuan Dragon Lake sea to go to bed ,Ken Liang Mengzhu gallery ?Chu spleen to light reading ,not recite recite Memorial .
&quot Xiangjun ;and the cloud: &quot ;the song cry is youth ,wine has deep sorrow God in Yuelu pen .When the moon, flow Fai took mess from .&quot ;and the word wind with the sentence ,Nike Air Force 1 High,is also more than Xiefen documentary .
Rotation to Yiyang ,he taught at the Peach Blossom River Island School ,months disease ,and still return to Changsha ,in Sichuan .Hundred thousand flowers Yu falls ,hibiscus court of small Chengqiu cloud free delivery Tiao high-rise .
Simply with the wine warm ,thick fog lights and stars .Fei Lu was closed by far ,who complain and from edge to worry? the old gull .The rain tonight ,short candle fee new worry .
Note said: the first write first arrived in Chongqing in the enemy-occupied area sees the scene. The spacious and adjustable rear bustling contrast ,namely so-called tight tight front ,rear eat .
Xiaque write Jiangnan friends reunited. Location :&quot ;after the Orioles cloud Reunion world left late night ,where ,over .&quot candle doubt dream ;and the cloud: &quot ;inch water thousand Cen ,are you a .
&quot ;each other card .Bi threshold Yao ladder twelve ,Jiao Cong a copper shop . I look day and sparse . Han Gao left jade ,South China lost pearl. Title stone fine bird with hate ,shock wave is also full of rivers and lakes Flying colors close to Joan ?Not demit broadband eye ,rereading send Hebrews .
Sees ,Mr. Wang said: life become integrated with domestic hate .Note said: the first write war defeat ,Wang Jingwei defected to the enemy .Threshold for three sentences ,the coastal city of Yu fall ,march into exile to the rear of the enemy ,the people and the country apart more far .
Jiao Cong, Kou riding too. In October 21, 1938, the fall of Guangzhou ,the four day ,also in Wuhan ,hence the saying &quot ;South China lost Pearl &quot ;,&quot ;Han Gao left jade &quot ;.
In December of the same year ,Wang Jingwei rebellion ,from Chongqing fled to Hanoi ,the declaration .Response of Japan Konoe Ayama adjustment the three principles of Sino-Japanese relations ,cause domestic and international great shake .
Wang Shaoshi engaged in the national democratic revolution ,taste than mythology to rank and to fill the sea bird Jingwei ,as intended. But lose one will never change until death ,descended as traitors ,I have hated .
Fly Joan sentence ,consider Jiang Jieshi to bear this setback ,and hope to the end the war was unchanged .Fly Joan refers to Chiang ,color metaphor mood. Send Hebrews refers to the Japanese invasion of Shanghai in August 13, 1937 ,the war began, the national government published self-defense declaration.
This published has years of her ,I stressed. Don quit The two sentence ,predicate has deep anxiety to the waist ,thin and emaciated ,Jidaiyikong at all .Knowing the bead curtain spring go also ,Yan Liang fell mud .
Years to throw his dreams always blurred .Residual jade, empty but ray of golden .Trees desolate smoke compartment ,Rhododendron why frequency at Fengcheng a few degrees of error ?Heart stage by the railing without limit ,break on the West .
Note said: the first it summarizes . Kou with deep, nostalgia day .Beijing difficult period ,but heartbroken .Nanjing as the capital at that time ,the name Fengcheng .Mr. Wang said: the Bodhisattva pretty ,with the flowers ,all styles Gaohua ,Shen pharyngeal Wei Fengyi ring ,such as in the world, one thousand years without it .
moved warbler after chaos reunited ,Yuzhou send um lake division two, primary fan ,in autumn ,Shujuan ,tertiary Nan all friends ,and a small set of sense again ,Fu. What ?Left turn ,candle night suspected dreams mask residual blowing fan song ,sweet wine of strong ,helpless old mad difficult .
Do listen to the rain I asked related to the cuckoo ,gauge . Qu Lang ,the setting sun is still very ,so drunk .Help .At long ,inch water thousand Cen ,full of sad .Painting hub chase in spring ,flowers and dreams ,Beijing ancient Huan remember .
More worry Xie Tong Yan ,forget you Fang word is there from ,and are urging night ,twilight Jia sound .Note said: Wang Dong ,word at the beginning of ,um ,,from Wuxian ,Jiangsu One ,former Centre College Dean ,director of the Chinese Department ,deceased .
Wang Guoyuan ,word up border ,on Lake ,Jiangxi Peng Zeren ,former Centre College, Professor of Nanjing University ,deceased .Chapter fan ,the word Yao ,Jiangxi, Nanchang ,graduated from the Chinese Department of Centre College ,Wang Xiaoyun wife.
Wei Su Qiu ,Jiangsu the people of Dangshan ,graduated from the Chinese Department of Centre College ,as Zhuoxuan wife worked as a successful university Chinese Department ,now living in Taipei .
Hang Shujuan ,Anhui, Huaiyuan ,graduated from the Chinese Department of Centre College ,Yang Deqiao wife ,the late Zhao Shunan ,Jiangsu ,Zhai a wife ,Zu Fen in Chongqing friends. four the curtain with Huan Xisha retaining candle sticks, green railings outside rain as silk quilt .
Light small pillow suddenly cold .String spectrum Acacia Luan column astringent ,dream about far away from musk smoked glass micro .Last night new disease .Dream Shen Shen nights grow longer ,gone with the wind light rain and cold.
Heavy curtain from the courtyard under the candle with Yu Jintang .Tears of sorrow heart and fee ,incense as desired so ileum .Sporadic events Naisbitt .Wake up screen man yet, even a few mountains in West .
In case of loss eyebrow curved .Without a shunt from the far still don ,but because the hard times .Strict Chengqing angle is blowing cold. A few days dust dark mirror Luan, scarlet screen light streaming delivery furnace smoke .
No geese word to worry .The snow ,she complained ,new frost garden well Wu Han .Shutter people thin breeze .Note said: when more than for the beadle in Xikang province construction hall to live each round trip between Chongqing ,Kangding ,the progenitor Fen this concept far from work .
Luo Qi Huan Xisha heavy light warm suddenly cold sober melancholy ,with a spring dream rain against the country .There is lost .Propagation of tears as sweet cuckoo ,Fang Yan empty dispatch .
Jinping people across the mountains . but red embroidered by spring ,autumn light rain evening ,drug smoke propagation Pitt. From the upper floor ,new gradually weak. Air curtain to shadow, listening to all ,sad Jia sound .
Pretty lonely .Three two cold Hotaru, reflected light screens Ge .Initial Hongyuan station ,snow ridge glacier ,in dilute dream calendar. The book into a taboo disease ,tears wet rows of ink .
A few thin ,too heavy ,do not ask band encircles the width .But pillow letter Shen Zhu ,and human interest her .Mr. Wang said: the word Mengchuang CI school ,white stone for &quot should be silent ;poem passenger &quot ;punctuation ,guest characters but touch rhyme ears.
Xiaque at & quot ;Test-dimensional look old country boat &quot ;for .&quot days ;or &quot north ,three ;words. This not only solve temperament ,and pro from white Shiyou ,broken more credible .
But Zheng Zhu and Jiang Yun has both read ,since also approve . late fly year Ji Mao .More than horizontal disease Baxian circle quarry ,by the spring calendar .When autumn sail side in the battle between West ,to considered ,due to comorbid West ,too Yuzhou stay .
Kou machine rages ,one number .A body without walking ,suffer untold hardships ,survive ,to Ji .Clouds late collecting rain. Care of things ,anxious to cream horn sound . Hope in the dark 1000,a case of a bolt and households.
Let green sleeve ,cool dip night dew .Hold to barren River to calculate sound surprised .Crane black ,Gu Ying ,who is hasty ,and urge the thrill of drum heavy to Kwu Tung Taoyuan ,light ray suddenly ,dull day outside what ?Chaos over their stars such as red whisk ,meteorite .
See jhor ,residual ash from dance ,Qionglou beads the archive into dust .Besides have guest ,which tears of sadness ,hate ,heartbroken way. Note said: to Chongqing ,to Kangding ,to the world tour also progenitor Fen quarry ,coached to frontier school.
Then with Yu back Jiangxi ,plans to stay in Ya ,to avoid illness. At first to Kou Jun also contain the ground also . ten do not Huan Xisha Bashan style further west ,diffuse with river water .
Away to ask you. Cifu evocation of stormy nights, on world affairs .Autumn when caring heart is cold .A long anxious old eyebrow loss ,falling not sad . Small Luan mirror best eventful years when words .
The reduced territories of a nation for Chang Wang ,a new complaint charges too thought. More warriors tears for the king family near vertical .Wu Yinma bridge ,such as Dai Yuan-Shan water and cream makeup buildings scattered the Phoenix up medicine lamp .
After years of worry was used ,a disease of bone with Pin Yin sent .Light cold sorrowful sorrowful on curtain waist . Courtyard autumn much night turned up ,cold coagulation candle into flower window rain is joyful.
Passenger Qing Zun only tears ,pillow to dream for a long time without home heartbroken but not for youth such as pont cloud fall into the occipital fossa ,disease with ban several pin grinding .
Development and research about fear ,Au .Deliberately spring take tears ,thin amusement rotary drunk the night song. Qingchou gain formerly .Fold as the pavilion Liu million . Days get Yin sideburns long go waving .
Autumn soul a Qian who move to more ?No woman can be pulled ,papers and a candle can burn .And with the degree of suddenly cold night. Cut off heart bitter fee words ,Zhu Xian tearful filamentation .
Years dirge Tang Jun know disease pillow back River Shangzhao sorrow ,autumn reexamine old home clothing. See symplectic plight . O deep separation wall I ask not ,Man days at Pitt mercilessly.
Her silk eyebrow calyx each fall . Heart fragrance is grey and clear words ,like tears become ice. Not intoxicated for long sleep. Today Jiangnan since sorrow ,as his fee .
Qingcai edge Wan Gan loss arms should the new wind residence ,poor amidst the Cao towers thanks Tang Yan Mo return water Zhu bridge down of amusement ,and make change as old gull .
Changjiang Delta scenery gradually into autumn .His dream castle peak frequency ,river lake old willow from rayon worry .If shines a climbing . my first flowers four to see flowers .
To give pearl ,tears over clusters .Bitter hate meeting spring late, was more deeply .From old union advised light invariable .Belt at that time,Change an angle to see mountains without phase turn , double knot concentric coils .Flying gossamer space Liluan ,spring from close idle courtyard.
The remnant powder zero incense a long. Hope to meet, disease pillow people wasting .Yesterday stars wine today ,become aware gradually before these feelings .No matter old autumn late and sudden .
Fan well deep ,long Lian Jun with cuff .Baicao spent thousands of love thanks ,lotus lotus roots .The self cover even close Heqiu for evening .Caring for the car ,and green sleeve with cream gel ice more anxious West Road, cold sand as mountain countless .
Solutions to swim Cong .Outside hang down ,always passionate tree. It covers midnight whisper ,who pities you and you only .Bi tree has adjusted the grass rest . After a fall ,and more snow last night curtain with Luo and not knot .
Wake up ,and remember ,don .Luan moon mission .Often like comic ,Mo and turned into 3.Embroidered by fragrance with immortal ,Acacia to return said. four the first step sedge wax early pin ,Buddha embers.
Meet and is divided with nearly .When the original life together ,before these Huan to today .Last night the stars ,spring rain florescence .Tomorrow .As pistachio without cloud brow how many green ,annual Luan mirror for from hate Yang Meng.
Tea and smoke ,incense seal. The ileum curtain cold array .The keep the candle wax disc bonus ,at ash into inches. Treasure dust faint, Luo shirt tears halo .Eyebrow depth with who asked ?Rolling daily lean Zhulou ,Yan Ling send a letter before spring .
Coat dust ,a residual Dai .A thousand flowers grass was back with Luo Zinuan Lai. Old incense ,at the end of a knot .Don dream into the cloud, spring anxious like gossamer bitter hate heavy curtain .
OK. Annual grass everywhere ,the car only in the setting sun outside .Since the dust ,medicine furnace smoke static . I across his little red branches east wind .Judah ,Luo quilt is before the spring of disease more arrow too long ,sweet or cold .
Residual night stay light before the shadow curtain Tonight Moon bend ,with Lean Office and coquelicot who can ?Plum blossom fall Jiangnan far ,she complain .Don quit on pain and write out more fear ,pen flower smoked tears easily .
What like ice palaces in the moon ,Underachiever reviews.,no words to C. too in my dream ,but dream dawn wind shade . shadow of candle .Ya state eve change as time ,snuff is still red .The drum Xiao Hu dust mask ,night sad Jia .
Dial the cold ashes without sleep ,could again ,Kun Ming pool news .Still afraid of ,the reduced territories of a nation ,the spring back to no .Cai Yan wandering ,jade hairpin Peng her worry .
When the feast is difficult to persuade glass deep ,little China tears. Empty southern staying-up ,Terume Mie marks ,light water . Star sinks to fight, North JINGWAH ,Wei Lang frequency leaning .
of partridge day send Jiazhou ,time to buy boat East under the sickly years waste liquor bell ,spring anxious from hate since before the door being heavy grass green ,flowers between tears pillow red.
From memory after ,whereabouts .I ebb tide Twilight River empty dreams of clouds to know to Wushan Park ,the peak ?Note said: Spring 1941 ,remaining in Leshan, teaching skill training school ,when there is more than friends and Chongqing speak seats, but failed .
So the word it. butterfly flower clouds outside the green bird letter to .It is screen ,last night lights photo. Ten quite a small word - book ,turn more hate feeling difficult.
The tea of high buildings near the road . Do not believe visitors ,said good solution way returning to need as soon as possible ,green window easy looks old. Partridge hair of the dog days where music can be heartbroken ?All the year round check wine left desolate.
River south spring days such as Bi ,plug the cold cloud of common yellow moon .Wave at all ,the vast rural road a few things .?climbing to high eye injury ,motherland open grassland and sunset.
make delicate four send Huai Su autumn halal body according to sea Jing Feng ,early is empty ,cold corner blow .Do car dust ,was closed again .A glass of wine to change sadness, Kenai old mad are reduced .
Not with high Customer first Italian tired ,pretty hometown heart night window rain heavy Jian .From the lamp ,thousands more were sad tears .You don look back ,send a complaint about the far ,writing not ,Yin side of Wan Gan .
Every night and overwhelmed ,instruct ,cold tube and cold . screen window faint light ,knocked on the window .But ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,closed cold solitary Museum. Who soul a wisp of smoke ,will break.
The most desolate medicine ,return to drain residual ,caring for my shadow .Very heavy bone ashes wax ,pin mill is endless ,so enjoy the new resentment ?Double swallow ,return late .
Don that year, wine side spring .Before travel continued ,early mood change .Qin Zheng Layan ,zero line ,Fu and feel anxious now lazy Nye ,flute blowing residue in plum ,as far south .
long not in autumn frost fat books ,but sent a few rain ,the chaos cloud ,with who the inquiry of Bashan ?Light dream spring ,cold if left alone disease ,quilt Yong Wu cotton belt encircles gradually wide ,with tax feeling and fee .
Yin period ,medicine ,window burningcandle on bed to sleep. The river with tide back office ,is lovesickness word. Don send anxious ?Song fan fragrance ,bead light up drunk ,Qing Huan could remember that year.
Than painting on late ,late empty so mountains. Read after native ,without a home ,more anxious to open agency . more than any chain solution both Fu Witch Hazel song shows Tang printing ,book :word cloud cry chant repeatedly, and traditional views of friends ,With a cry.
Because Bo simultaneous send this solution of day north ,while C. said ,disease in message . Hope motherland ,thousand Hu dust ,with scattered kit ,vain effort .Juesai frost ,urged the change of words ,early spring breeze .
To Yin candle shadow ,wet ink ,color a colorless. JINGWAH has a ancient Huan .Read river being with sorrow ,guest .Today ,no more tears will hurt the rest ,don spring ,can teach light .
Mountains and rivers everywhere ,and left to weep ,new pavilion .Diffuse care ,heartbroken old words ,few people would have a say: ?Witch hazel is curved on the album. to send in touch caviar autumn in Qinhuai ,the Tour wins ,what wind convulsion ?Mad and bitter chase a car to dust ,the old closed circulation .
Return far. With motherland ,Au gull to Palestinian river .The sorrow of parting and full. What songs at a deep cup ,a window autumn, of a thousand tears .Tea and smoke ,in the bloom of Youth Exchange .
Zhu Xian difficult spectrum plaintive .Jianglang crayons is long ,today draw eyebrow are lazy. ( to Nanyong ,try pushing eyebrow samples first ,autumn to play. Because each poem said :who cares cold solutions of Jianglang pen ,not the writers thrush .
) no tube as caring ,climb jacket more as Wangjing eye .The easy night. Ask about a word ,consult in medicine ,when town accompanied ? Wake ghost shadow of candle ,smoked furnace pillow barrier lovesickness .
Leakage was light dream into a cloud Tea ,scattered into the plume .Deal sell hairpin and miss it ,back ,front Huan Injutu .Snuff blowing tear ,seal characters of ileum ,who pities feeling bitter .
All over the word ,ask who sing a sad ?With four under heavy curtain ,,and constantly worries about antecedents .Ill stay spring more mountain building ,to live together. The wind turned the dark rain.
Return on divination ,the Qingming ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,time late in the day .Mr. Wang said: but with two tours ,do not know the word Shen meal ,particularly Qiyan .Note said: people ,Yan Zhang Aki Yuki .
Zhang problem Shejiang word poem goes :&quot ;heavy looking at the four Langan ,who later Pavilion of Prince Teng .&quot ; broken stone tablet slow waves ,the first floor willows ,Mo rutting .
Residual Zhuan and grey dial ,a volume tears from the stack .To be donated ,serial affection on, and also fear ,light broken into 3leftfor supporting microwave to the monarch .V.
,Shen Shen Mutian width string not get in .Sadly ,the first break .Then a piece of spring flow ,anxious to ,more Nai River swallow. Spell in fault ,napkins ,leave from now on .
The old incense destroyed ,partial person ,with the time s double knot . Hugh Southern Fangfei Festival ,railings ,Yuet Wah was missing before .Read about Acacia pin ,disease of bone that spring ,knowing the empty chambers ,with the passengers, all dripping blood .
Two pear tree overlapping ,Mr. Wang said: the meaning of big spring . hope and drink heavily .Halal Muyun heavy incense smoke house ,run ,micro light deep House. Slight worry shadow chaos ,is a bead curtain low mask ,jade hook touch .
Qin bone to sound ,have far rhyme ,point to human music .Was the memorable things gradually Jiangnan ,simple ,Crisp Plum will be ripe .With Luan pillow add cold ,painting a dream ,brocade quilt only ability to speed .
Strider ,ask ,where parking hub of the wind ,the branches ?Tears ,cooperatives Yan for mud ,resource dangerous ,who was gazing ?Is still affectionate month ,should not ,in late Song cold tides ,wind river country .

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